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Art & Fine Furniture Transport

Moving Special Items; Moving Guidance Advice for Transporting Your Fine Art

Antiques, keepsakes, and art can make a house feel like your home. These items may carry sentimental value, but they are also likely to have a higher monetary worth. This means that when you move home, they need a little special item. Fortunately, Moving Guidance can help you when you are moving special items like fine art.

Find the Right Movers:


While appliance movers may be very helpful for your regular household items, they are not likely to have the skills, expertise, and experience to properly care for your fine art. This means that it is important to find the right movers. You need a company with experience in moving special items and understands the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that they are safely transported.

Finding the right movers can be a real challenge. Unless you start speaking to every company, you won’t know whether they are a regular appliance mover or a specialist company. Fortunately, Moving Guidance can help. We can assess your specific needs to determine which company from our panel of experienced professionals is best suited to your requirements. We can ensure that the company we pair you with has expertise in moving special items including artwork.

Packing Your Fine Art:

One of the most important elements of moving special items is correct packing. Fine art is no exception, and it needs careful packing to minimize the risk of damage during transport. For large canvases or framed artwork, you will need a heavy duty picture box. Put an X of masking tape over the glass to reduce the risk of shattering, and wrap the item in plain brown paper. Don’t be tempted to use newspaper as the ink may transfer on the paint and cause damage.

You should also use heavy duty protectors on the corners and layer the entire piece in bubble wrap.

Packing Smaller Pieces:

If you have accent art, photographs or small mirrors, they should be wrapped individually in packing paper and bubble wrap. Ensure each item is placed vertically in your packing boxes that have been lined with foam padding or bubble wrap. Ensure any spaces inside the box are filled with packing peanuts or paper to prevent shifting during transit.

The Importance of Proper Insurance:

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of obtaining proper insurance for your fine art and valuables. While financial compensation cannot replace sentimental value, it can go towards repair or replacement of an asset. If you are moving special items, your movers need to be made aware and provide adequate insurance coverage. Although this will be more costly compared to a basic appliance mover policy, it will provide peace of mind.

If you are planning on moving special items, you should speak to the Moving Guidance team. We can connect you with professionals from our panel of experienced specialists. We can provide access to a wide range of service providers from appliance movers to specialist services. We can assess your specific needs and ensure that you are matched with movers who have the expertise to facilitate a smooth move.

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