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Pre-Move Responsibilities

Moving Planner Prep; A Guide to Organized Packing


A checklist for moving is an essential tool to enjoy an organized move. However, many people struggle with where to start with their moving planner. Fortunately, Moving Guidance can not only help to pair you with the best movers in the industry but also provide invaluable help creating your moving planner. While many moving planner advice centers around getting this task completed or arranging that chore, many neglect the basics of a move; packing. It is vital to plan your packing, or you could end up rummaging through boxes to find something you need weeks before the move.

Four Weeks Before the Move:

A month or more before your moving day, it is a good idea to schedule to start packing on your moving planner. However, don’t just start packing boxes at random, you need to consider what items you are not likely to need before the move. At this stage, your packing should include out of season items, specialized equipment and tools, collectibles and extra supplies.

Three Weeks Before the Move:

At this stage, concentrate on non essentials that won’t be missed if they are packed for a few weeks. This could include decorations and artwork, books, DVDs, CDs, hobby materials and specialist kitchenware and equipment.

Two Weeks Before the Move:

Now your moving planner should list infrequently used items that are still lying around your home. Have your children choose favorite games and toys they will want to continue using and pack up the rest. You should also carefully pack up the jewelry you don’t wear regularly. Keep basic supplies available such as pens, notebooks, and pencils, but pack up all your remaining office supplies. It is also a good time to tackle your linen closet. Keep a set of towels and sheets for each family member and pack up the rest. If you come across old sheets and blankets, put them to one side for use in wrapping furniture or using to protect your flooring during the move.

One Week Before the Move:

As the big move day starts to get ever closer, now is the time to start thinking about what you will not need to use in the days before your move. Pack up electronic devices that you can live without. Remember that you can use laptops and mobile devices for surfing the internet, listening to music and watching movies.

It is also time to tackle the most daunting area of your home; the kitchen. Keep a few essentials aside for use over the next week, but pack up everything else. Take care to ensure small appliances are well protected, ideally in their original boxes ready for the moving truck. Complete your last load of laundry and pack up your laundry room supplies. Remember that your washing machine will need time for the hose to empty and the appliance to dry before it is loaded into the truck.

The Day Before the Move:

You are likely to now be at the stage where anything you find will be packed. Just remember to defrost your refrigerator and freezer, so it can be at room temperature to move.

If you need help creating your moving planner, speak to a member of the Moving Guidance team. We can not only connect you with great movers but would be happy to help you plan your checklist for moving.

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