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Free Online Moving Quotes; How to Spot the Differences

When you have started to collect free online moving quotes, you may find that the moving companies quotes all look alike. However, there can be some significant differences. So, before you opt for an online moving quote, allow Moving Guidance to highlight the differences that could end up costing you in the long run.

Non Binding Estimates:


This type of moving companies quotes is very common when you ask for free online moving quotes. It is not bound by any contract and is only a rough estimate of your moving costs. This means that you will have no idea of the actual moving costs until your moving day. So, you could end up with an unpleasant surprise.

Binding Estimate:

A binding estimate creates a more accurate idea of how much you can expect to pay. If your online moving quote is a binding estimate, it means that you will know that the costs will not increase. This can provide assurance as even if your shipment turns out to be heavier than expected, you won’t pay more. However, the reverse is also true. If your shipment has been overestimated, you will still need to pay for the contracted price.

Binding Not to Exceed:

This is often considered the best type of quote or estimate. They tend to be popular for long distance moves, which are not particularly time sensitive. With this type of moving companies quotes, the company is bound to the price. However, if the costs are lower than the estimate, the charge will be dropped accordingly.

Other Considerations:

As you can see, the type of estimate can have a significant impact on the actual costs of your quote. However, there are also some other considerations that should be looked at when comparing free online moving quotes. These include;

Insurance: Many companies produce an online moving quote based on basic insurance. Generally, this insurance only provides very minimal coverage that can create issues if there is loss or damage, particularly if you have higher value items. Companies can often offer more comprehensive insurance such as full coverage, where the company assumes full financial liability. So, check which level of insurance has been included in the quote.

Special Items: Some companies will quote based on typical items and will charge more if you have special items that require additional care and attention. If you have items such as musical instruments, artwork, antiques or other special items, it is important to speak to the movers to ensure that they are included in the estimate.

Consolidation: If you are moving interstate, you may find that your estimate is based on a consolidated load. This means that your shipment will be combined with others to reduce costs. This does mean that your belongings are likely to be transferred to another vehicle or container, which increases the risk of breakages or loss.

Before you start searching for free online moving quotes, you should speak to Moving Guidance. We will assess the specific requirements of your move and connect you with professionals who are equipped to deal with your needs. This will mean that all your moving company quotes will be tailored to your specific requirements and from trusted professionals.