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Vehicle Transport: FAQs and Expert Guidance for Shipping a Car

If you are planning a long distance or interstate move, you are likely to need help with your vehicle transport. Unless you have a very flexible timetable, shipping a car is the only viable method of getting your vehicle to your new home. Unfortunately, car transport can present a number of issues, but Moving Guidance is here to help with expert advice.

What Kind of Notice is Required for Vehicle Transport?


When you are shipping a car, generally the more notice you can provide the vehicle transport company, the better. This will provide them with adequate time to organize the most cost effective method of moving your vehicle. Most companies aim to be flexible but try to give between seven and thirty days notice.

Is Insurance Included in the Car Transport Estimate?

Most car transport companies will include some insurance in their estimates, but the level of coverage will vary. It is usually a basic level of insurance, and you may want to investigate if a more comprehensive cover is available.

Can You Ship Expensive or Classic Cars?

In many cases, vehicle transport companies offer additional services for expensive or classic cars. This protects them from the elements for maximum protection.

Can You Ship Non Running Vehicles?

This varies, You may find some companies can ship non running vehicles, while others don’t. You will need to communicate the condition of your vehicle to the company to confirm their policies. However, if you are going to the expense of shipping a car, you need to consider whether it is worth shipping your vehicle. Unless it still has significant value in its current condition, it may be better to sell it in your home state and buy another when you arrive.

Is Door to Door Service Available?

Again, this will depend on the company. Many companies offer this level of service, but it may attract an additional cost. You may be able to save on your quote if you can bring the vehicle to a specified location.

Can You Ship a Motorcycle?

Many vehicle transport companies also offer services for motorcycles. You will need to obtain an estimate as many companies charge based on the size of the vehicle. For example SUVs and trucks tend to cost more to ship compared to a standard or compact car. So, you may find that shipping your motorcycle is even more affordable than you realized.

Do I Need to Be Present?

When you are moving interstate, you may worry that you might not be available at the pickup or delivery of your vehicle. Most vehicle transport companies do require that someone is present to sign off on the condition of the vehicle after a visual inspection. This means that if you cannot be there, you will need to designate a representative, such as a family member or trusted friend.

If you are in need of vehicle transport, speak to us at Moving Guidance. We can help you with every aspect of shipping a car from advice and guidance to helping you to find the best car transport company.

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