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Long Distance Movers Guidance for Packing Your Furniture

The best moving companies and long distance movers often provide packing in their moving services. While packing is important for any move if your furniture is being shipped, you need to pay especially careful. Fortunately, Moving Guidance can not only connect you with great long distance moving companies, but we can also provide help and advice.

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Create a Packing Area:

The first step to getting ready for your long distance movers is to create a designated packing area. You will need a clear space that is large enough to allow you to move around the item being packed with ease. Clean the area and ensure that it is properly dried, you may also want to place a blanket over the flooring to prevent scratching.

Protect Delicate Areas:

Use bubble wrap or packing paper to protect any delicate areas or parts on the item. Handles, casters and other protruding pieces can be particularly susceptible to damage. Hollow spaces, intricate details, and other fragile areas may need additional protection such as cloth padding.

Start Wrapping:

Next, you need to secure your wrapping material. Tape is ideal for this task, but ensure that you don’t place tape on polished or painted surfaces directly or you may damage the finish. Shrink wrap can also be used to keep your padding in place. This can help to keep blankets or other packing materials snugly in place. Plastic wrap can also protect the item from dirt and dust during transit.

Consider Corners:

Finally, use clean corrugated cardboard to fold over the corners of your furniture items and securely tape them into place.

Special Considerations:

Ideally, you should try to disassemble furniture wherever possible. If the legs of your item cannot be removed, be sure to use lots of bubble wrap for protection.

Cover glass surfaces such as showcases or tabletops with flat cardboard before you wrap in bubble wrap and your packing paper. It is a good idea to pay particular attention to the corners, where you can double up on the packing protection. You can also tape an X from corner to corner on the packaging. This will reduce the risk of shattering if the glass does break.

Specialist long distance movers can often supply specific plastic covers for sofas and mattresses. While you can try to wrap them in plastic shrink wrap, these covers can protect your items from staining, moisture, and rips.

Finally, don’t be tempted to use plastic wrap directly on any leather or wooden furniture. It can trap moisture and cause warping or mold to develop. Additionally, if the temperature increases, the shrink wrap may stick to the item and cause damage to the surface. Always use paper padding first before using your plastic wrap to secure it.

If you need long distance movers, you should speak to the Moving Guidance team. We can assess your moving services needs and connect you with the best moving companies. We have local and long distance moving companies in our database all of which have a proven reputation for delivering excellent service.