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The Types of Moves; Moving Guidance Explains the Different Types of Moving Services

Every move is different and has unique characteristics. However, most moves can be assessed based on the types of moves. This will help you to explore the different types of moving services which are appropriate to your needs.



This is the most common of the types of moves. They are usually the cheapest and simplest since they involve only a short distance. Local moves are usually within less than two hours of traveling. So, they are usually within one city or between the city and suburbs. Moving locally is usually charged on the basis of the time rather than the size of load. Although the size of the truck is likely to be factored into the costs.


In intrastate move needs more travel time compared to local moves, but while still remaining within a major metropolitan area or state. This usually means that you move will have a travel time of up to a day, so multiple trips may be possible, but it is more likely that you will need a larger truck for a single journey.


If you are moving to another state or moving across the country, it is classified as an interstate move. These types of moves tend to require more specialist attention, since your belongings may be on the road for days or even weeks. Your items may even be shipped by air or train. If you are planning an interstate move, particularly if you are moving cross country, it will require even more organization. It is also likely that you will be traveling independently to your new home, so you will need to have complete confidence in your movers. You will be entrusting your possessions to the movers, so you need to be assured that they will arrive when they are supposed to.


An international move is usually in a whole different category. Many moving companies cannot facilitate these types of moves due to costs, time constraints, and logistics. For international moves, you need to find companies that specialize in this area and can deal with the unique issues that arise. International moves usually require months to schedule, so you need to start planning as soon as you confirm you need to leave. Most movers will ship your items by sea and the travel time plus customs delays mean that it could take weeks or months for your belongings to arrive in your new country.

While you may be aware of the types of moves and which your category is most applicable to your move, you will still have unique requirements. Fortunately, Moving Guidance is here to help. We can assess your specific requirements to determine the best moving companies with the expertise and skills to help you. We have a broad selection of different types of moving services and providers on our panel of experienced professionals, ready to help you. So, don’t worry about your move, speak to a member of the Moving Guidance team, we’re ready to facilitate your stress free move.

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