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Relocation Moving Services Tips for Interstate Moves

Moving to a new state can be a challenge. It is considered one of the most difficult types of relocation, and while there are relocation moving service providers around, you may still run into some problems. Fortunately, Moving Guidance is here with some tips and tricks.

Create a Relocation Checklist:


Everyone talks about having a moving checklist for any type of move, but it is vital for an interstate move. This type of relocation checklist helps you to keep track of every detail of your move and reminds you to chase up any issues in your new state. This can save you time and frustration if you forget to collect a piece of paperwork you will need when you are establishing your new home.

Get A Great Moving Team:

One of the most important elements of a successful interstate move is a good relocation moving service. Local movers are simply not equipped to deal with an interstate move. You need a company with experience in cross country moves. They are aware of the problems that a move of thousands of miles can have, and help you to avoid potential pitfalls.

Organize a Home Inventory:

Since an interstate move tends to be based on the shipment weight rather than man hours, it is important that you are accurate about how much you need to transport. Most moving companies will base their estimates on either a visual inspection or an inventory, so it is a good idea to prepare one. A home inventory will also help you to decide if there are some items that you don’t need to take with you to your new home. There is no point in paying to ship items that are going to end up being donated when you settle into your new home. Look over your inventory with an objective eye and assess whether you really want to pay to move something.

Plan for Your Children:

When children are involved in an interstate move, it makes it even more complicated. It is not simply a matter of keeping kids entertained on a long journey. You will also need to organize transferring school records and ensuring that they make a smooth transition to your new home. Get the kids involved in the move, asking them to research fun things you can do in your new town. You can even start to plan activities as a reward for good behavior during the move.

Think About Pets:

Another potential complication to relocating to a new state is pets. If you are driving to a new state, it is fairly simple. You can plan for a longer journey with crate training and frequent stops. However, if you are flying, you will need to organize how your pets will travel to your new home. Your relocation moving service may be able to help you to organize your pet transport and ensure that they are in good hands during the journey.

If you are in need of a relocation moving service, contact Moving Guidance. We can not only help you plan your relocation checklist, but we can also connect you with the best interstate movers in the industry.

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