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Unpacking Services Professional Advice to Get Organized After Your Move

Many people get so caught up in preparing their old home for a move, that they forget about getting organized at their new place. This means that by the time your belongings arrive at your new home, you have spent all your moving energy and end up in chaos. Fortunately, professional unpacking services can provide help and advice to get organized after your move.

Unpack the Children’s Room First:


Once you have got to your new home, you may feel a little overwhelmed about where to start, but a good place is the children’s rooms. Moving is not only confusing for smaller children, but it is also very tiring. They may have had their routine altered, and no one wants to try to get organized with a cranky child around their ankles. By setting up the children’s bedrooms you will not only create a sense of comfort and safety for your kids, but they can also start feeling at home with all their familiar toys. You may even get them to take a nap, while you get the kitchen unpacked to prepare a meal.

If you have a baby, set up all the essential nursery items including diaper pail, changing table and cot to make life easier for yourself and get your baby back into their routine.

Organize Your Electrics:

If you don’t start organizing your electrics next, you may find yourself tangled in a mess of cords and cables. If you aren’t using cables straight away, set aside a basket or drawer so they can be kept safe. Wrap them securely to avoid tangling and if necessary label them to avoid confusion.

Set up Your Linen Closet:

Since you have already started to discover your linens as you set up your children’s rooms, it is a good time to set up your linen closet. Towels, sheets, other linens and toiletries are necessities, so it is a good idea to get them organized early on. This way if you need to revive yourself with a shower, you can find everything you need immediately.

If you had a long distance move, you might need to freshen up your linens to avoid them feeling musty.

Get the Kitchen Set Up:

The kitchen should be your next priority, so you don’t need to rely on pizza deliveries and take away food for more than a meal or two. Unpack your kitchen essentials first and use common sense to create an organized working area. Think about where items should be placed rather than just putting things straight into cabinets. This will save you needing to reorganize later.

Prepare Your Bedroom:

Your final priority should be your bedroom. The movers should have already reassembled your bed, but ensure that it is made with clean linens and you have all your necessities close at hand. This means that you have somewhere to crash after a day of moving and unpacking.

If you are concerned about getting organized for, during and after your move, speak to Moving Guidance. We can assess your needs and match you with full service movers. This means that the moving team will provide both packing and unpacking services, freeing up your time and minimizing the stress of your move.

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